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Updated:               May 28, 2018

As a prospective home buyer, you are fortunate to have an abundance of qualified and helpful real estate Associates prepared to assist you in finding your “right” property. Hopefully this information will enable you to understand how you can utilize that available help to your best advantage.


GENUINELY WANT TO HELP: Licensees are eager to be helpful to you. Because they work on a commission only basis, they are not paid unless they are successful in assisting you with your real estate needs. Perhaps this commission only situation accounts for their sometimes appearing “possessive” of those whom they consider “their customers”. Their intent, however, is to be genuinely helpful without being a nuisance or intruding upon you. It is a fine line to walk as they do not want to be overbearing but want you to know they are available and eager to serve.


REMAINING LOYAL: As indicated, you have many agents from whom you may choose. It is important that you select an individual in whom you have confidence and with whom you relate well. One of the myths that circulates among buyers is that the more agents whom you contact, the more information you receive. We urge you to select one agent to whom you intend to remain loyal. When an agent knows that a buyer is relying upon them, they go to great lengths to serve them. On the other hand, if they discover that a buyer is working with other agents, they often eliminate the buyer from their customer list. The reason is simple...they can only effectively work with a limited number of clients and want to devote their energy to those who are loyal and depending upon them.


BEING EXPOSED TO ALL AVAILABLE PROPERTY: All agents cooperate closely and most function via a system called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) that provides each one access to practically all property listings. Don’t be fooled by ads that say “exclusive office listing” or “can only be sold by ________”. Your agent can easily secure information about the occasional exclusive listing with another agency because of their cooperative arrangements. The worst thing you can do is call the other agency and initiate a relationship...this places your selected agent in an awkward position in being able to continue helping you with that particular property. Your agent can assist you even with the “for sale by owner” properties...they often know the particulars about the home and may have actually previewed it. Discuss with your agent how s/he can represent you in this situation.


THEY DON’T CONSIDER IT AN IMPOSITION: When you call or get in touch with your agent, it is not an imposition. If you spot an interesting looking ad, CALL YOUR AGENT. Saw a house that looks interesting, CALL YOUR AGENT. Need information regarding home values in a neighborhood, CALL YOUR AGENT. Don’t hesitate to get in touch any time. Your agent wants to be available to you.


WHAT TO SAY TO OTHER AGENTS: After you have decided to work with a particular agent, you’ll want to alert other agents that you encounter to that fact. “Your agent” can help with any home on the market. “Your agent” will work for you and protect your interests in any transaction. You can avoid much confusion when you meet other agents by indicating immediately that “I am working with _______ and will conduct any transaction with his/her assistance”. Then call your agent before entering into any agreement. Be wary of those agents that try to interfere with your that the kind of person you will want to ultimately have representing you? You will want to work with the agent that does not want to “sell” you a home but rather wants to “help you buy the right home”.


THE EDUCATION BEGINS: Even though you may be knowledgeable about the area or may even have bought and sold other properties, you may benefit from the educational process of working with an agent. You will find it useful to explore the latest financing options while acquiring a pre-approval with your selected mortgage lender. Then, you can view several homes in your price category to enable your agent to discover what appeals to you...what turns you on. An agent is then more able to search out the most appropriate properties to show you. This process will enable you to know more clearly when you have found the right home...the one that is indeed “best” for you and at the “right” affordable price.


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