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Updated:         May 28, 2018

As Mortgage Brokers, we do not directly represent sellers in the sale of their homes. But, we do recognize that there can be compelling reasons for using competent, professional representation. While we do not imply that you can not be successful in selling your own home, we offer the following only as a "perspective" on some of the reasons to consider professional Real Estate representation.


Many potential buyers are never seen by owners selling their own homes. Unfortunately, you may be missing some of the best possible buyers for your home.

1. Buyers from out of town who do not know our areas or prices and automatically seek an informed Real Estate Licensee.

2. Buyers who enter the market via a real estate company's referral and/or relocation system.

3. Buyers who may feel uncomfortable doing their own negotiating.

4. Buyers who do not know what they can afford and seek a competent Real Estate Licensee to assist in qualifying themselves.

5. Buyers who are bewildered by the array of financing options available today and seek guidance and direction.

6. Buyers who feel inexperienced in real estate procedures and are afraid to sign any agreements without guidance.

7. Buyers who want a Real Estate Licensee to advise and protect them in a process that may be confusing to them.

8. Buyers who recognize the Multiple Listing Service as a sort of "supermarket of properties", providing them the most information about the greatest number of available homes in the shortest amount of time.


While you may miss some of the business as indicated above, you may actually be seeing some of the "tough customers" that traditionally try to purchase via FOR SALE BY OWNERS.

Some of the prospects who go directly to sellers may include:

1. Prospects whose need to buy is not matched by their financial ability, under ordinary financing methods. Hopeful sellers might be enticed to accept offers and take their homes off the market . . . only to be disappointed when the buyer is unable to complete the transaction.

2. Prospects who are very well versed in the market place and continue to shop until they hopefully find a "tired" seller who may be willing to sell under market, create exceptionally good finance terms, or in some other way "give something away" to the buyer.

3. Prospects who, because they are without an agent, consider that they are doing all the work normally expected of a real estate licensee, expect to be paid for their service by reducing the seller's price by the approximate amount of a customary sales fee, which the seller often anticipated saving.

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